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"Ellertronic" is a live electronic music group based in Durham, NC. The group was established in 2011 by Bonnie Pivacek (keyboards and vocals) and David Zielinski (electronic drumset). The group self-recorded and self-released an EP (E-O-T) in 2012. In addition to playing the keyboard, Bonnie manipulates the various Arduino noise generators that the group has developed. In addition to drumming, David also writes the sound generation software that powers the band in C++ utilizing JACK/ALSA. As of 2015 the software now runs on Raspbery Pi's with HiFiBerry audio cards. In 2015 Matt Yearout joined the band on midi-bass (YRG Gen2 w/ Radius neck).

Date Venue Location Details
07/25/2015 Kings Raleigh, NC w/ Adult Science, Brass//Abs, Apache Kid, and visuals by De Ja View
08/13/2014 Fellowship Hall Durham, NC w/ Horizontal Hold, Places to Hide, Ellertronic, and The Emotron
07/19/2014 House Party Durham, NC w/ Adult Science and Growing Old Growing Up
06/13/2014 The Pinhook Durham, NC w/ CGJ and Joy Revision
07/13/2013 Fellowship Hall Durham, NC w/ Yairms and Emotron
06/08/2013 The Pinhook Durham, NC w/ Radiation City and Sumner James
04/19/2013 House Party Durham, NC w/ HOME BODY
02/22/2013 Duke Coffee House Durham, NC w/ Beloved Binge and Ponchos from Peru.
09/22/2012 the Pinhook Durham, NC EP release show w/ Beloved Binge and Billy Sugarfix
07/23/2012 House Party Durham, NC w/ Home Body
07/04/2012 House Party Durham, NC w/ Sawteeth McTweedy
04/28/2012 The Pinhook Durham, NC Art Walk Afterparty. w/ Beloved Binge and The Wigg Report.
02/17/2012 Carrack Art Gallery Durham, NC opening party for Melissa Smith's solo show. w/ Curtis Eller, Wigg Report, and Beloved Binge

(E)O(T) EP - Released 9/22/2012

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